WY-SHOT 2023 is June 19-21

Looking forward to WY-SHOT 2023!

WY-SHOT is a Handgun Only shoot that is designed for folks of all ages.

There is a two-part component that makes this shoot unique.

It is a prairie dog shoot and a long-range steel field shoot.

You can do both or just one-You get to decide.

The prairie dog part of the shoot is for any type of handgun (semi-auto, revolver, single-shot) from any type of rest you want to use.

It doesn’t matter if it is short range, medium range or long-range…You get decide. We do have prizes and cash for the longest confirmed prairie dog kill with several types of handguns: Rimfire, straight-wall cartridges and specialty pistols (bottleneck cartridges).

There will be a special prize for all confirmed kills prairie dog beyond 1000 yards.

The steel match is on two different days (Monday and Tuesday, unless we have a weather problem, then we will shoot steel on Wednesday), that takes about 5-6 hours each day, if you decide to shoot steel. If you decided not to shoot steel, you can either watch or be off shooting dogs somewhere.  Wednesday has become a ELR steel play-day, and 1K+ pd shooting.

There are a number of purposes of the steel shoot: Having fun, competing, developing your hunting skill set, since we shoot from a variety of field shooting positions or field rests under time and keep score.

We cannot give the complete adrenaline rush of hunting, but by shooting at multiple targets under time, many of which will be farther than what you would shoot at big game, each shooter can learn their limitations from a variety of field shooting positions (Prone, sitting, kneeling), and shooting off a variety of field rests (Bi-pods, back packs, tree trunks, and the like). Sometimes your shooting position may be awkward, like facing downhill when prone, while being required to shoot uphill.

But when you think about it, if you hunt, you do not always have the perfect field rest set-up, and at times you have to make a shot in specific time frame or lose that opportunity.

We hope to hone those field hunting skills, so you can be better equipped when head out to hunt.

For the steel shoot, you get to choose what type of handgun (rear or center grip, single-shot or repeater) you want to shoot steel and prairie dogs with.  We do limit barrel length to under 19 inches for the 2-day steel shoot portion.

All barrels must be under 19 inches, and absolutely no buttstocks on the gun!  Muzzle brakes do not count toward barrel length.

You do not have to build or buy a certain handgun with certain weight limits, to come out and play on steel-Bring what you have and hunt with.

Maximum caliber for the steel shoot is 30 caliber and the maximum velocity is 3,200 fps.

This is velocity max is for 7mm and 30 caliber, as fast and heavy bullets will tear stuff up.

My target holders are portable and lightweight compared to others, and I don’t want to have extra down time fixing or replacing target frames.

This is not a benchrest match.

We do not have benches to shoot from, and there are no sighter shots or sighter periods.

There is no running or jogging between stages.  You are not being timed going from one stage to the next.

We have some folks who only shoot prairie dogs the whole three days, while there are others who only want to shoot the steel match. The majority, however, does a little bit of both.

Our goal is to have fun and to help make those who attend better field shooters, whether it be for playing on steel, varmint hunting, or big game hunting.

Cost is $150 for the three days. A $50 deposit ensures you get a t-shirt and your spot to attend.

If you have other questions, you can email me through this website